Literacy/English worksheets-

Tons of alphabets resources for kids about many different topics.We aim to provide best resources for preschoolers or home schooling.All the resources are free to use ,print or download.

Alphbets worksheets for preschoolers-

Learn to recognize,read and write the letters of the alphabets & Teach your kids to improve their literacy skill with the help of our free printable alphabets worksheets which includes Tracable capital letters,Tracable small letters,Tracable cursive letters and other fun activities.

Phonics worksheets for preschoolers-

Phonics is a way of teaching children how to read and write. It helps children hear, identify and use different sounds that differes in english language.Understanding phonics will also help children know which letters to use when they are writing words.phonics worksheets are valuable resources for teaching kids to read. Our worksheets include – phonics alphabet worksheets, beginning sounds, ending sounds, word blends worksheets, short vowel sounds, long vowels and so on

English Grammer worksheets for preschoolers-

Do you like to learn basic english grammer--Use these free, printable grammar worksheets to study basics English grammar including parts of speech , capitalization, punctuation and the proper writing of sentences.

Whats New:

Click below to get the updates on whats new has been uploaded to our website.We have tons of resources and activities for kids in terms of worksheets,flashcards and pdfs in many different topics to teach your kids fun way.We air to provide best resources for basic early learning

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