Match lowercase letters to uppercase letters

It is often a difficult and confusing experience for kindergartners when it's time to learn the uppercase and lowercase forms of letters.The length and complexity of the alphabet can make this task very difficult for children to remember and understand. When it comes to learning the alphabet, there are three fun homeschooling activities that can be used to help clarify the uppercase and lowercase forms for young children.

Try out our different sets of printable letter worksheets that go through every letter of the alphabet . These uppercase and lowercase worksheets are a great addition to any preschool lesson plan and are perfect for teachers and parents looking to teach their kids the different form of alphabets!

Circle the matching lower case letter Worksheets:
Cut and Paste Uppercase to Lowercase Matching worksheets:
Match lowercase to uppercase Letters:

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Fine the alphabets worksheets

Trace and write Uppercase Letters

Trace and write Lowercase Letters


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