What is a Nouns?

The most basic part of language is a word. Words can be of different kinds but the fundamental group of words is nouns. A noun is a word used to describe or ‘name’ a person, place, animal, thing or idea.

Types of Nouns

Every English sentence contains one or is about one. Nouns are so important that they have to be broken up in different sections in order to understand them.

What is a Common Nouns?

Name objects that have no unique or particular feature. E.g. table, kangaroo, sky.

What is a Proper Nouns?

Are names of places or people and are unique to the object they describe. The first letter of proper nouns is capitalised. E.g. Bangalore, Nikhil, the Cauvery river.

What is a Abstract Nouns?

Are the names of emotions or characteristics that cannot be touched. The names of qualities, virtues, feelings, concepts or ideas are abstract nouns. These words cannot be touched or seen- only felt or experienced. E.g. honesty, beauty, kindness.

What is a Collective Nouns?

Are words used to name a group that is made up of many objects of the same type. E.g. army (made up of many soldiers), herd (made up of many sheep), committee (made up of many people).

A pronoun is a word that replaces a common, proper, abstract or collective noun. We use these to avoid repetition when we write or speak. E.g. He, she, it or them.


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