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off-line :

Turn off the television and the computer and read to your child. Establish a regular reading time every night.
Have fun with the books you read, by giving the characters distinct voices, or acting out scenarios from the stories.
Have conversations about what you read. Ask your child questions about the stories and encourage him to ask questions in return.
Much of the online content can be downloaded for free

Practice and reinforce the letter-sound associations your kindergarten child encounters online with our ABC Practice Pages.
Your first grade child can practice phonics with with our Level I Reading and Writing Journal.
Watch your first or second grade child's creative writing skills blossom with our L

Visit our blogs for even more free activities for you to share with your child.

what else can i do ??

Starting at a young age, have conversations with your child and encourage her to ask questions. Asking questions is the paramount skill in reading comprehension—the end goal of all reading instruction.

Children learn to read through a long series of tiny steps. When your child reads even just a few words, be very proud! Celebrate these small successes. It will motivate your child and open a world of knowledge.

vocabulary ::

W a basic understanding of letter-sound relationships, your children can explore a variety of genres and topics.
activity village supports their exploration. Every word on the site is clickable, and will read aloud. In this way the speaking, reading, and writing vocabulary can grow alongside new concepts.
This fiction and nonfiction environment cultivates inquisitiveness as children explore the purposes of reading.

Enhance your children's reading and writing development by downloading our activity pages.
The pages that follow contain imaginative open-ended writing exercises
This pagesis intended to meet the needs of students at many different reading and writing levels and is perfect for students studying English as a second language.

Fluency :
This helps your children make meaningful associations with these words and more easily commit them to memory.
Our selection develops comprehension and reading fluency in beginning and advancing readers.

Whats New:

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