Apple Drawing Steps:

"An apple a day keeps a doctor away"- Everybody would have heard the saying .lets teach kids the healthy way of living concept fun way to identify and uses of it.let’s use the fruit as a subject and teach your child how to draw an apple, step by step. Read on for easy instructions to draw an apple.

What You Will Need to Draw an Apple

  • A drawing paper
  • Red, green and brown paint/ crayons/ sketch pens
  • A black-coloured sketch pen
  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • Today we will learn to draw juicy apple,to make the apple look right, we start with a few simple shapes that will look like an actual apple when connected. Here’s an easy guide on how to draw an apple, step-by-step

    . Draw a circle -Draw a circle as big as you would like your apple to be big with the use of pencil .you can even draw a free hand circle.

    Draw a stalk-Draw two slightly-curved lines projecting upward from the centre of the small curve you’ve just drawn. Join the ends of these lines. There, you have the stalk

    Draw a leaf -An easy way to draw a leaf is to draw a line projecting outwards from the base of the stalk and then drawing an oval-shaped blade around it.

    Paint your self drawn Apple-Now you can paint the shape of apple as per your choice of color ,either red or green.Once you are done with the filling the re d color in the Apple shape start coloring the stem and leaf.You can outline the entire drawing with the black sketch pen to enhance your drawing.

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